Osteochondroza cervicala c2 c5


The C5- C6 spinal segment, consisting of the C5 and C6 vertebrae along with the C5- C6 disc in between, is located just beneath the middle of the cervical spine, and. Cervical spine surgery C4, C5, C6, C7. Symptoms in these areas in addition to pain in the neck is very common with c5- c6 disc herniations. I wanted to support that finding and conclusion that many have complained about and i too experience it, but doctors don' t seem to have able to. I am 3 weeks post op on anterior cervical fusion to C4 C5 C6 C7. Cervical Fusion C3, C4, C5, C6 rmoore007. The term spondylosis is a general term used to describe normal, age- related spine degeneration and the presence of related conditions and symptoms. NeckPainExplained. This is superjacent to a highly. I was hurt at work 10/ 28/ 05. I actually was looking for the article of that lady that posted breathing problems with stenosis. The patient on CT scan had massive arthrosis at C2- 3, specifically on the left- hand side. Immediately following surgery I was almost pain free. A spinal fusion of my C3- C6 ( using cadaver bones) was done. 10/ 06/ - 1: 24 PM edited 10/ 06/ - 5: 06 PM in Neck Pain: Cervical. By VB guy | 51 posts, last post over a year ago. Complex Cervical Reconstruction of C2- C6 Robert S Pashman, MD Scoliosis and Spinal Deformity Surgery www. Osteochondroza cervicala c2 c5. A arsilab Posts: 2. C5 to C6 spondylosis describes spinal degeneration that develops in the space between the fifth and sixth vertebrae in the cervical ( upper) spine in the neck. However around week 2 I started having right shoulder pain. On 08/ 12/ 06 they fused C3, C4, C5, and C6. The pain in my neck & left shoulder were better, but I immediately had pain in my right. I had herniated my C2- C6 & broken my neck between my C4 & C5! A c5- c6 herniated disc can affect the nerves that control the muscles in the arms, neck, shoulders, hands as well as the head, eyes, ears, or thyroid gland.

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